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We have a limited number of grassfed bison available for 2019. We will be selling our bison meat direct to our customers in “quarters.” A quarter is exactly what it sounds like: one quarter of the various cuts of meat on an individual animal. 

To reserve your quarter today, simply click here to go to the Meat page, select which cut option you’d like, and then place your deposit with a credit card. But, first, please read a bit more about our process.

Our bison spend 365 days a year outside on pasture. They walk, roam, wallow, drink from the creek, eat a variety of grasses and forbs, and watch the sun rise and set each day outside on the land. This makes for extremely healthy animals – and extremely healthy, delicious, and nutritious meat. 

When it comes time to slaughter one of our bison for their meat, we harvest each animal with care, respect, and grace. Instead of the normal practice of shipping animals to a slaughterhouse (or to a confined feedlot and then a slaughterhouse), we “field-harvest” our animals on the ranch. 

Field-harvesting entails driving into one of our pastures (which we do all the time, so this is nothing new for our animals), getting close to a bison, and then shooting it in the head at close range. While this might sound intense (and it is), the result is that the bison feels no pain and endures no stress. It is calmly standing there in the pasture one minute, and then one carefully aimed shot instantaneously incapacitates the animal. 

No stress. No pain. No feedlots. No confinement.

We do this with great intention – and great awareness and appreciation that our food comes from somewhere, and eating food has an impact. 

Following field-harvest, we immediately take the bison to a small, high-quality meat processing facility about 40 minutes north of the ranch. There, the bison carcass will be dry-aged for 10 days. The dry-aging process helps create more flavorful and tender meat. Working with a small, local processor allows us to to do this, as your typical processor is more focused on volume, speed, and efficiency. 

Following the dry-aging process, the meat is cut, film-wrapped, vacuum-sealed, labeled, and boxed.

The result is delicious and healthy bison meat – with no stress endured by the bison or impacting the meat – that we are incredibly grateful for. 

It’s a lot more work, and there are more variables to control, but humanely field-slaughtering our bison on our ranch – their home – and then working with a small, local, high-quality meat processor is one of the core values of North Bridger Bison. 

It’s one of the many things that sets us apart from the conventional meat you are used to. (And, yes, that includes conventional “organic” and conventional “grassfed” meat you can find at your local Whole Foods or organic grocery store.) 

We do not engage in cognitive dissonance here at North Bridger Bison. We pride ourselves on fierce rationalism. Eating food has impacts, and we take great pride in providing delicious, healthy, humanely field-harvested bison meat to people who share our beliefs and want to eat dinner with their eyes wide open, more connected to their food, more connected to the land. 

If this appeals to you, please place a deposit for your quarter today.