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in the shields valley of montana, tucked up against the North Bridger Mountains amid a wild expanse of grass and sagebrush, North Bridger Bison is a family-run bison ranch that provides healthy, delicious, environmentally friendly, humanely field-harvested bison meat. 

Bison. A native herbivore. An icon of the West. Bison belong on the landscape out here, and we take great pride in raising bison and providing meat that is healthy for both you and the land. 

Life at the North Bridger Bison Ranch is pretty simple. Nature is in charge here. It provides sunshine and water, which grows grass, which bison eat. That's the founding principle of North Bridger Bison.

Our ranch also provides habitat for a wide variety of birds and wildlife, including sage grouse, pronghorn antelope, sandhill cranes, coyotes, mule deer, wolves, moose, mountain lions, elk, black bears, waterfowl, songbirds, and many other wild critters.

Through our management practices, which are rooted in Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture principles, the bison on our ranch help build soil, improve the quality of the soil, increase the amount of water retained in the ground, increase the amount and diversity of the grasses, forbs, and wildflowers on the landscape, and help reduce climate change through carbon storage in the soil. And again -- amazingly -- the five pillars of all of this are sunshine, water, soil, grass, and bison.

Ultimately, our goals are to work hard, improve the land, help the environment, provide delicious and healthy meat you can feel good about eating, help change our food system for the better, contribute to Montana’s economy, be good members of our community, and have a little fun along the way.

Matt and Sarah Skoglund started North Bridger Bison in 2018. Their kids, Otto and Greta, also help out, primarily by holistically managing all superhero-themed stories and imaginary games at the ranch. And, finally, there's the bird dog / ranch dog, Aldo, who really -- really -- loves every minute spent outside at the ranch.

North Bridger Bison’s CEO (Greta) and Director of Insect Monitoring and Rock Collecting (Otto)

North Bridger Bison’s CEO (Greta) and Director of Insect Monitoring and Rock Collecting (Otto)